Ben’s Pioneer Parking Temporarily CLOSED

Ben’s Pioneer Gas Station is now full-speed ahead with their renovations. The gas station is open until September 25th; however, we are no longer able to park there to unload (the entire area is blocked off with gates), and ATVers are not able to access the gas station as of now from the trail (it dead ends inside of the gated area), so there is no reason to head into that trail as it does not get you anywhere.  As soon as we have a chance we’ll have trail closed signs put up at the dry and wet trails through there.  
There are still two gas stations on NVATVC’s trail system (Winchester Service Center — Francis Fuels & Rick’s Pioneer Gas Station in South Mountain) — you can find them on our map.
For those looking for a place to park and unload, we have been given permission to park at the Township of North Dundas building which has a large parking lot.  It is located at 636 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester, ON K0C 2K0
For this parking lot, turn right onto St. Lawrence, then either left or right onto Gypsy lane (depending on which direction you want to run the loop).   Please do not drive on the grass to access the trail, use the shoulder of the road.
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