NVATVC Hoodies

UPDATE: Hoodies can now be purchased online here!

Sweaters will be available for pre-order at our rally tomorrow.  We’ll be collecting orders throughout October and November, and plan to have them available for pickup at the club meeting on December 9 (in time for Christmas).

Sweaters are $45 dollars each.  Credit and Debit payment options will be available at the rally for your pre-order.

NVATVC Sweater Design

Hyndman Road Culverts

New culverts have been installed at both trail entrances.  Where there used to be a steep wooden ramp that was often slippery due to perpetually wet conditions, there is now a gradual stone ramp and a shiny new culvert.  Special thanks to North Dundas Public Works.

Photo of installed culvert.

Culvert Installations Have Begun!

Several culverts are required at some major road crossings prior to opening some of the new trails in Ottawa.  Installations for some of these culverts took place today.  These culverts allow for safer crossings at Stagecoach Road and Manotick Station Road.  We’re now one major step closer to opening some new trails!

Dumptruck covering culvert with stone.    Culverts being covered with stone at road crossing.

Bridge Repairs

Volunteers were out fixing up some broken bridge decking in preparation for the Oct 4 Rally.  Three bridges were repaired today.

We’re one step closer to being ready for rally day!

Volunteers repairing a bridge.


Reclaimed Lumber


Last night volunteers turned some “previously enjoyed” construction material into 180 pieces of premium decking for bridges.  Bridge repair projects are scheduled for this Sunday, in preperation for the 7th Annual Fall Rally on October 4th.






August 17 Trail Work


Wardens discovered that the approach to the 1000′ boardwalk had become badly rutted and stopped to make repairs.  ATVs should be able to get up on the boardwalk much easier now.  They also cut several trees that had fallen across the trails during recent thunderstorms.

See more photos here.