Ben’s Pioneer Parking Temporarily CLOSED

Ben’s Pioneer Gas Station is now full-speed ahead with their renovations. The gas station is open until September 25th; however, we are no longer able to park there to unload (the entire area is blocked off with gates), and ATVers are not able to access the gas station as of now from the trail (it dead ends inside of the gated area), so there is no reason to head into that trail as it does not get you anywhere.  As soon as we have a chance we’ll have trail closed signs put up at the dry and wet trails through there.  
There are still two gas stations on NVATVC’s trail system (Winchester Service Center — Francis Fuels & Rick’s Pioneer Gas Station in South Mountain) — you can find them on our map.
For those looking for a place to park and unload, we have been given permission to park at the Township of North Dundas building which has a large parking lot.  It is located at 636 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester, ON K0C 2K0
For this parking lot, turn right onto St. Lawrence, then either left or right onto Gypsy lane (depending on which direction you want to run the loop).   Please do not drive on the grass to access the trail, use the shoulder of the road.

Trails to Open May 27

It’s been a long, wet spring but we’re finally able to announce that trails will open on Saturday May 27!

Some areas are still wet. Please do your best to avoid damaging these areas, and watch for deep water.  Volunteers will be out taking the signs down and clearing any fallen trees on Saturday.

Update to Trail Closure

Due to the large amount of rainfall we will not be opening the trails in the next couple of weeks. Opening the trails in these wet conditions causes irreparable damage. We will monitor the conditions of the trails and will post any updates as soon as we have them.


The spring thaw is upon us, and effective immediately ALL NATION VALLEY ATV CLUB TRAILS ARE CLOSED until further notice.

Please respect the law, our land owners and our volunteers by staying off closed trails.  Damage caused during the spring thaw is often not repairable and can lead to loss of trails.  Anyone caught riding closed trails will be charged with trespassing.

Trails are expected to open again mid-May, but ultimately the weather will be the determining factor.  With an early spring we’re hoping we can open the trails early as well.  Please check back for updates.

Trail Closed Sign

Trail are Groomed

Volunteers were out this weekend and groomed the full loop.  Trails are in excellent condition for winter riding.

Please remember to dress appropriately and take extra safety precautions to prepare for the cold temperatures.



Trails are Open!!

Let the good times roll. Trails are open again for the winter season. The trail between Loughlin Ridge Road and Shaw Road is still currently closed, please use the signed by-pass around (using Boundary Road). Be safe! Volunteers will be around the loop this weekend to inspect for hazards (downed trees bridges that require attention), so tread lightly and be cautious.


All NVATVC trails are closed for the spring thaw until further notice.  Trails are expected to open May 15, but weather conditions will ultimately decide.

Please respect the landowners, the volunteers and the trails by staying off the trails until they are re-opened, as damage caused by riding during the spring thaw can often not be repaired.

Let the Ride for Dad Preparations Begin!

Volunteers were out over the weekend fixing board-walks and bridges in preparation for the big event on March 5th.


President and Vice President getting artistic with the board-walk design…



Mr. Trails Coordinator, supervising the action.



We’ll be honest, Raphael did most of the work.

Trail Closure

Please be advised that the portion of trail between Hwy 43 and Shaw road is currently closed due to a section of trail that has closed.  The club is currently working out the details of a re-routed trail in this area, but in the meantime riders are asked to detour using Loughlin Ridge Road, Boundary Road and Shaw road.  ATVs are legal on all three sections of road used for the detour.  Trespassing on the closed trail will be strictly enforced, and will ruin our changes of re-routing the existing trail in the same area.  Thanks for your understanding.  Happy riding.