Ottawa Chapter

In 2013 NVATVC partnered with the City of Ottawa to create a bylaw allowing ATVs on select rural roads in the Osgoode Ward of Ottawa.  A License of Occupation was signed on June 26, 2013, allowing the ATV club to build a multi-use trail system utilizing a network of unmaintained roads and City property. The intention is for the ATV club, through membership sales, grants and sponsorships, to build and maintain a multi-use trail system to be shared with non-motorized users such as walkers/hikers, mountain bikes, horseback riders and cross country skiers.

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Ottawa ATV Trails Map


New Ottawa Trail

President Dave Baker helping cut new trails in Ottawa.

President Dave Baker helping cut new trails in Ottawa.

Twelve volunteers were out this morning cutting open another road allowance to connect sections of the new Ottawa trail expansion.  This beautiful wooded section will be a great addition to the trails.  If you’re interested in helping expand the trails into the Osgoode/Greely area, please let us know at

Culvert Installations Have Begun!

Several culverts are required at some major road crossings prior to opening some of the new trails in Ottawa.  Installations for some of these culverts took place today.  These culverts allow for safer crossings at Stagecoach Road and Manotick Station Road.  We’re now one major step closer to opening some new trails!

Dumptruck covering culvert with stone.    Culverts being covered with stone at road crossing.

Grant Money for Ottawa Trails?

Tomorrow volunteers will meet with contractors to generate quotes that will be used for the NTC grant.

If accepted, this grant money will go a long way in repairing damage to ATV trails in Osgood that have been damaged by trucks trespassing on the trails.