Welcome to Nation Valley ATV Club - ATV Trails for Winchester, Ottawa South, North Grenville

The Nation Valley All-Terrain Vehicle Club (NVATVC) is an incorporated body representing the interests of ATV enthusiasts in District 1 of Eastern Ontario. Located just south of Ottawa, we have trails near Winchester, Hallville and South Mountain.

Ottawa Chapter

With the creation of a bylaw allowing ATVs on select roads in Osgoode Ward, NVATVC is expanding into the City of Ottawa! Trail building has already begun, and we hope to open the new trails soon.

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Nation Valley ATV Club

The Nation Valley All-Terrain Vehicle Club (NVATVC) is an incorporated body representing the interests of ATV enthusiasts in OFATV District 1.


North Grenville Chapter

In partnership with North Grenville, NVATVC is expanding to the West! Trail building is already under way with trails set to open this summer.

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Recent Updates

Wardens at Work

NVATVC Wardens never sleep.  Groups of wardens have been out the last few weekends clearing fallen trees, fixing signs that have fallen and picking up garbage on the trails.  Our trails have had a busy summer with lots of riders.  Please help out by picking up an bottles, cans or food wrappers you find on the trails to keep our trails enjoyable for all by leaving only your tracks behind.

A mysterious Super-Warden clearing brush from the trails.

Super-Warden clearing brush from the trails.

Beware of Wild Parsnip

Our trails are open but please be aware of wild parsnip along the trail system.  Do NOT touch!

“Wild Parsnip may pose a health risk to humans. The plant sap contains chemicals that may cause skin and eye irritation and make the skin prone to severe burning and blistering when exposed to the sun. The blisters typically occur one to two days after contact with the plant. This can result in long-term scarring of the skin.”

Wild Parsenip

Wild Parsnip

How to Avoid Wild Parsnip Burns

  • When working around Wild Parsnip or when walking through dense vegetation, wear goggles, gloves, long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Thoroughly wash boots and gloves with soap and water before taking off your protective clothing.
  • Children should be reminded not to pick wild flowers. Ensure children are able to identify Wild Parsnip in order to avoid exposure.
  • If you are exposed to the plant sap, wash the contaminated area(s) thoroughly as soon as possible, and seek medical attention if skin irritation occurs.
Wild Parsenip

Wild Parsnip


For more information on Wild Parsnip you can visit the City of Ottawa wild parsenip page

Breaking News from MTO!


Beginning July 1, 2015, the province is implementing the following changes to ensure that ORV and ATV riders safely reach their destination:

  • More types of ORVs and ATVs, including two-up ATVs, side-by-side ATVs and utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs), will be allowed to use the shoulder of public roads.
  • All riders — including drivers and passengers of all ages — will have to wear a helmet and use a seatbelt or foot rests, where applicable


Thank you to everyone who wrote letters, participated in surveys and helped ATV enthusiasts across the province be heard.  The announcement today shows that working together we can help shape the future of our sport in Ontario!

Read the full MTO press release here.

Trail Status:


Detailed Trail Status