Trails Open May 14!

All NVATVC trails re-open after the spring thaw the morning of May 14!  See you on the trails…


All NVATVC trails are closed for the spring thaw until further notice.  Trails are expected to open May 15, but weather conditions will ultimately decide. Please respect the landowners, the volunteers and the trails by staying off the trails until they are re-opened, as damage caused by riding during the spring thaw can often not be repaired.

Trail Closure

Please be advised that the portion of trail between Hwy 43 and Shaw road is currently closed due to a section of trail that has closed.  The club is currently working out the details of a re-routed trail in this area, but in the meantime riders are asked to detour using Loughlin Ridge Road, Boundary […]

Winter Bridge Repairs

Volunteers continue to make the rounds repairing damaged bridges.  Yesterday it was the board-walk and bridge on the Boundary road section.  Great work folks! Trails are open, and conditions are good.  The water has frozen enough to allow us to groom yet, but trails are passable and riders have been out laying tracks.

Clearing Trails

Volunteers have been out over the Christmas break clearing trees fallen during recent high winds. Thanks to everyone who came out to help.

All Trails Open

All NVATVC tails are once again open following deer hunting season.

Wardens at Work

NVATVC Wardens never sleep.  Groups of wardens have been out the last few weekends clearing fallen trees, fixing signs that have fallen and picking up garbage on the trails.  Our trails have had a busy summer with lots of riders.  Please help out by picking up an bottles, cans or food wrappers you find on […]

Breaking News from MTO!

Beginning July 1, 2015, the province is implementing the following changes to ensure that ORV and ATV riders safely reach their destination: More types of ORVs and ATVs, including two-up ATVs, side-by-side ATVs and utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs), will be allowed to use the shoulder of public roads. All riders — including drivers and passengers of […]

Trail work to prep for ATV Safety Week Fun Run

Volunteers were out on the trails today in preparation for the June 14 Safety Week Fun Run (details can be found here).  They managed to replace some missing signs, mow some weeds and fix a damaged bridge.