Cold Temperatures and Drifting Snow

Mother Nature has not been cooperating with us this winter.  Trails are currently all open, although we haven’t been able to clear many snow drifts.  Please be prepared to push/pull/winch through areas of deep drifted snow if you decide to hit the trails.

Saturday Feb 7, 2015

Volunteers spent 8 hours grooming today.  More volunteers will be on the trails tomorrow to finish grooming the main loop.

Friday Feb. 4, 2015

The whole loop was groomed today and volunteers report the trails are in good shape.

Winter Trail Status

Volunteers had the groomers out again today and report that all trails are passable and trails are in good condition.

Out and About

Multiple groups of wardens were out on the trails today. Reports indicate that a good number of our members were out enjoying the trails as well. They fixed an unusually large number of signs that had been pulled on the east end of the loop. Trails are in excellent riding condition.

Warden Reports

NVATVC wardens were present on all trails today.  They report the trails are muddy, but passable.  Trees fallen in the recent windstorms have been cleared.

Trespassing on Closed Trails

Trespassing on closed trails leads to trail closures and hurts all ATV enthusiasts. Please obey the rules and report trespassers to ensure we continue to have trails available to ride in the future.

High Winds and Fallen Trees

Following the high winds last night, please be aware that there is likely debris and trees down blocking some trails. Club volunteers will hopefully be out this weekend to ensure the trails are open. If you encounter debris you aren’t able to remove, please send an email to with details about the obstacle and […]

Unseasonably Wet Trails

Wardens report that trails are unseasonably wet.  Typically trails are dry and rides are fast and easy at this time of year.  With the wet summer we’ve had, the trails are currently wet and muddy.  Ice is beginning to form, but is not strong enough to support ATVs yet.  Please ride carefully, stay dry and […]

Trails are OPEN!

With the last day of gun hunting for deer over, the trails have reopened. Today we got out first accumulation of snow.  Rest assured that club volunteers are busy preparing the grooming equipment for another busy year of winter trail riding.