According to Reg. 316/03 an ATV requires 4 low pressure tires, what about tracks?

An ATV equipped with tracks does not technically meet the description of an ATV as described in Regulation 316/03 of the Highway Traffic Act.  An ATV with tracks would be classified as an off road vehicle that is not permitted on any Ontario roadways, as it does not have 4 wheels, the tires of which are in contact with the ground.  To date we have not had seen any case where an OPP officer has issued a fine for an ATV equipped with tracks on a roadway, but the question has come up and NVATVC wants all riders to be aware of the laws as they pertain to ATVs.  Tracks are permitted on NVATVC trails.  It is up to the individual if they wish to take the risk by using them on the sections of road that connect the trails. The fine for traveling on a roadway in Ontario with an ATV equipped with tracks is $110.

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