How can I help?

Participate!  Everyone who attends helps this event be a success year after year.  You can register for the ride here.

Can’t make the ride?  No Problem!  More than half of the money collected each year has come from pledges.  100% of all pledge money goes straight to the cause!  You can pledge a rider here or sponsor directly to the even here.

Can’t afford a donation and can’t make the ride?  You can still help!  We’re always looking for unique ideas and volunteers to make them a reality.  Contact us at or 613-465-6283.

According to Reg. 316/03 an ATV requires 4 low pressure tires, what about tracks?

An ATV equipped with tracks does not technically meet the description of an ATV as described in Regulation 316/03 of the Highway Traffic Act.  An ATV with tracks would be classified as an off road vehicle that is not permitted on any Ontario roadways, as it does not have 4 wheels, the tires of which are in contact with the ground.  To date we have not had seen any case where an OPP officer has issued a fine for an ATV equipped with tracks on a roadway, but the question has come up and NVATVC wants all riders to be aware of the laws as they pertain to ATVs.  Tracks are permitted on NVATVC trails.  It is up to the individual if they wish to take the risk by using them on the sections of road that connect the trails. The fine for traveling on a roadway in Ontario with an ATV equipped with tracks is $110.

How long is the ride, will I require spare fuel?

The ride is approximately 100km long.  There are two opportunities to refuel at gas stations on the trail, conveniently located on opposite sides of the trail system.  Some machines may require a top-up to complete the whole loop, but with two gas stations available most machines are not required to carry fuel with them.

What is an OFATV day-pass, and why do I need one?

An OFATV day-pass is a one day trail permit that grants you access to OFATV trail system for a single day and costs $20.  Similar to the annual pass ($150), the day pass helps contribute to sustainable ATV trails in the province, assists the local club to offset trail building and maintenance costs and pays for the insurance that is required to operate the trail system.

If my ATV breaks down early on the ride (or some other issue), can I get a refund?

No. Once registration is completed, the registration fees are immediately deposited into the Ride for Camp Erin charity’s bank account, and the Nation Valley ATV Club has no method of getting the money back to issue a refund.  However, if you do break down on the ride we have a “meat wagon” to pick up your broken down machine at the nearest road.  Please call (613) 465-6283 or stop a warden if you need to be picked up.  Donations to the winter grooming funds are appreciated.

Are passengers allowed on the ride?

Passengers are 100% legal on ATVs factory designed to carry them and side-by-side (ORV) vehicles.

For on-road riding, an ATV/ORV driver must:

  • be at least 16 years old
  • hold at least a valid G2 or M2 licence
  • wear an approved motorcycle helmet, securely fastened under the chin with a chin strap
  • wear a seat belt, where provided
  • travel at speeds less than the posted speed limit, as outlined below

For on-road riding, a passenger on an ATV/ORV:

  • cannot be under the age of eight
  • must wear a seat belt or use foot rests, when applicable
  • must wear an approved motorcycle helmet, securely fastened under the chin with a chin strap

More information can be found here.