“If I had gotten checked this time last year, I wouldn’t be planning my own funeral today.”
Charlie Pester, Kingston educator and role model

That’s the quote that started the Ride For Dad. That single sentence served as inspiration for thousands of people across Canada to raise money for prostate cancer awareness and research through annual vehicle based rides. What started out as a simple motorcycle ride in Ottawa, raising just over $20,000, grew into a national phenomenon raising more than 10 million!

From its humble beginnings, the Ride For Dad has grown to more than 30 rides across Canada, including ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile and personal watercraft. Today, more than 100,000 men, women and children have been involved in the Ride’s fight against prostate cancer – the most commonly diagnosed men’s cancer in Canada.

“The Ride For Dad isn’t just about raising funds, it’s also a starting point for discussing prostate cancer testing, a topic that most men can find uncomfortable,” says Jim Summers, Expansion Coordinator for the Ride For Dad. “The ride gets men talking about it and women talking to men about it. We promote awareness in the community year round, and because of this countless men have gone to their doctors to undergo testing and many of them have been diagnosed early and successfully treated!”

In addition to awareness campaigns throughout the country, the Ride For Dad funds new and innovative breakthrough science; research that can make a difference in prostate cancer locally and right across Canada.

Roads, trails and waterways are not the only thing that makes the Ride For Dad unique among national charities. The Ride also gives where they ride. What’s raised in the community stays in the community!

If you’re passionate about your community and want to help save lives, get involved! The Ride For Dad is always looking for riders, sponsors and volunteers and to continue growing with new events – to learn more, please visit RideForDad.ca or contact Jim Summers at jim@RideForDad.ca

For more information visit the Ride for Dad website at www.RideForDad.ca